Current Opportunities in Vancouver, BC… Save your spot now!

  1. Learn Brush Pen Calligraphy Script Lettering Basics
    Sat. June 16, 7-10pm Register here>>
  2. Pen Practice Meet Up: Write Love Notes to Women in Recovery
    Sat. June 16, 2-4pm Register here>>
  3. Create a Summer Solstice Portable Vision Board
    Sat. June 23, 1-5pm Register here>>


  • Intermediate Calligraphy,
  • Portable Calligraphy Vision Board (encore!)
  • Lettering Your Gratitude
  • PLUS: Coming soon to Toronto and Calgary… want me to come to your city? Let’s talk!

You love serving others and making an impact. But perhaps your heart is running on empty.

  • You know you want and need to do something creative, but it feels out of reach.
  • Maybe you’re like me, an ideas junkie who binges on social media, but this leaves you feeling even more uninspired and disconnected.
  • Or perhaps you’re not confident in being creative, or you have no prior calligraphy experience.

Hello! I’m Justine, and I’m so glad you’re here, no matter where you are in your creative journey.

This is your invitation to step away from the craziness of your daily life for a little creative retreat.


My calligra-care workshops create space for you to show up for yourself, slow down, refresh your heart, and turn on your creative spark in an encouraging, collaborative space.

Learn to use calligraphy as a powerful form of self care so you can reduce stress and put more energy toward doing the impactful work you know you’re meant to do.

Come and experience the peace and “flow” of calligraphy, create meaningful connections and conversations with your own heart and with others, and have the opportunity to impact the community.

You’ll leave my workshop feeling more inspired, lighter and more at ease.

Ready for some much needed creative self-care and meaningful connections? Be the first to hear about new workshops and registration openings.


Workshops are highly practical and hands on. All levels are welcome, especially beginners, curious calligraphers, and closet calligraphers.

Public workshops contribute 10% of proceeds to organizations who work to bring about social change.

Private workshops are available for hire for parties, group events, or fundraising campaigns, including special rates for non-profit or community organizations.


Current Opportunities in Vancouver, BC… Save your spot now!

      1. Learn Brush Calligraphy Script Lettering Basics (Greeting Card edition)
        Sat. April 21, 1-4pm Register here>>
      2. Pen Practice Meet Up: Write Love Notes to Women in Recovery
        Sat. May 5, 1-3pm Register here>>










5 thoughts on “Workshops

    1. Thanks for the feedback Tim! I have a soft spot for young mom’s social limitations. We are definitely going to meet again… what are more accessible times for young moms? Weekday mornings? Which part of weekends would work better? I’d love your guys’ thoughts…


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