The busyness of life can squeeze out the important-but-not-urgent things, like creativity, relationships, and generosity. You’re invited to join us to Create • Connect • Give! 

  1. Basics of brush calligraphy and lettering workshops and practice meet ups. All sessions include a social change component, such as writing notes to women in recovery.
  2. New heART workshops will use calligraphy and community as a means of relaxation and self care (think vision boards, goal setting, facing your fears, practicing self compassion, etc.)

Find out more at Or Sign up to receive the latest news. Spread the word. Let’s create a bonfire.


Workshops are highly practical and hands on. All levels are welcome, especially beginners, curious calligraphers, and closet calligraphers.


Public workshops contribute 10% of proceeds to organizations who work to bring about social change.

Private workshops are available for hire for parties, group events, or fundraising campaigns, including special rates for non-profit or community organizations.




5 thoughts on “Workshops

    1. Thanks for the feedback Tim! I have a soft spot for young mom’s social limitations. We are definitely going to meet again… what are more accessible times for young moms? Weekday mornings? Which part of weekends would work better? I’d love your guys’ thoughts…


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