Psalm 51 Scripture Bible Calligraphy

  1. it-just-flows-calligraphy-web-wm-psalm-51-bible-art-print

This art print, available in 8×10 or 11×14, is a collaboration to support counsellors, teachers, small group and other leaders who want to encourage their clients, students, friends, and others to live with wisdom in the heart. Ten per cent of proceeds goes to support organizations who fight human trafficking.

I’m a heart-change junkie. I pride myself and strive to grow in self-awareness. I get restless when I’m not experiencing personal change at the heart level. After all, how can I hope to be a part of changing the world if I am not aware of the things in my heart that block me from truly feeling the brokenness of the world, to be moved to respond with compassionate action?


I love the Psalms in the Old Testament for their raw heart-honesty that help give me language to express my heart. They also remind me that the business of changing my own heart is quite impossible to do independently of the One who created me and fashioned my heart. And as my Creator shapes my heart to feel the pain He feels, He fills me with love and power to bring His Light to counter the places of darkness in His beautiful world.


Teach me wisdom deep in my heart, transform my mind, heal my body and soul. Don’t let me rely on my own wisdom, that I may fear you, that it is healing for my flesh and refreshment to my bones.” (Proverbs 3:7-8)


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