Adventures with Alphabet Letter Stories

A few months ago, an Instagram challenge gave birth to a whole new world – a place where the letters of the alphabet tell the stories. Below are my favourites. (Or read the whole collection here).

itjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-Danceitjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-I itjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-Vitjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-Oitjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-Mitjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-Jungleitjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-Loveitjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-Ritjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-K itjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-W itjustflows-itjustflowspeopletype-1234

THE BACK STORY: As I began the Instagram challenge challenge, unsure if others could see the “people” that I saw in letters, I began rather haphazardly writing descriptions to interpret them. By the time I got to E, the descriptions evolved into stories that connected all the letters from each day. Without meaning to, the stories doubled the fun (or some days, brought attention to more serious issues). Soon, this challenge became one of creative writing to see how much alliteration I could cram into one story. Some days, the stories took more time than the lettering itself!

Never would I have imagined or expected such an overwhelming response to my little #itjustflowspeopletype as they came to life each day. Each day I listened to the letters – and they told me stories of love, heartbreak, healing, fairy godmothers, dog poop, mermaids, penguins, sumo wrestlers, even an angry cactus. (You can read the whole collection here).

Seeing so many diverse beautiful styles of other calligraphers in this challenge, along with the community’s amazing encouragement, inspired these stories, and helped in my struggle to embrace my own style. I’m forever grateful.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Stay tuned for more stories…


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