I Am a Dangerous Woman Inspirational Art Print


This art print, available in 8×10 or 11×14, is a collaboration to support women, counsellors, teachers, small group and other leaders who want to encourage their clients, students, friends, and others to live courageously and dare greatly.


I have a thing with capes and superheroes lately. And to benefit and cheer on women (who are all superheroes in my books), I’m selling this beautiful I AM DANGEROUS poem written by fearless leader Idelette McVicker with 100% of proceeds going to bring more women into freedom through the work of two beautiful organizations:

Beginning of Life: a small Moldovan organization with the very big heart, working to change the statistic that Moldova being the country with the highest rate of human trafficking in the world. They live humbly, passionately, and dream big for more women to know freedom.

SheLoves, founded by Idelette, is a global community of dangerous inspiring women who create new and fresh ways to mobilize and empower more women, locally, and around the world. I am only one of hundreds of women who have been sparked by this community to find my voice and calling to use my gifts to fight for freedom and break Light in darkness in this beautiful but broken world.

You can read about the “dangerous woman” event that inspired me to create this piece here. To donate/purchase, a minimum donation of $25 for 8×10 and $40 for 11×14 is suggested. A 15% portion of proceeds is going to these great organizations and causes. Thanks in advance for your compassion and generosity. Please pass it on!

I AM DANGEROUS full poem by Idelette McVicker

I am a Dangerous Woman.
I am here and I’m awake.
I pay attention to the rumblings in my soul
I listen and watch for how the Spirit leads.
With each humble choice, I take a step closer to my Destiny.
With each strong Yes, I become more of myself.

I am a Dangerous Woman.
I draw deeply from the Life that beats in my blood.
I have a place in the story of God.
Large or small, my capacity is mine and
I will move in it to make change in my world.

I am a Dangerous Woman.
I have a voice that needs to be heard.
No need to rage or raise a fist.
My Love will speak
My arguments are strong.
My life itself is a protest towards great Love.

I am a Dangerous Woman.
I may start with tiny steps and
My ankles may roll with the weight of the task
But I am determined.
I refuse to let Fear hold me back.
I choose Love.

I am a Dangerous Woman.
My ducks may never be quite in a row,
The laundry may never be done.
I may never feel strong enough, capable enough or smart enough.
I will do it anyway.
Shall we go together?

I am a Dangerous Woman
I embrace small beginnings and
Show up in small pockets of Love,
But I don’t think small.
I step over the obstacles that tell me I should quit.
And so I start.

I am a Dangerous Woman,
I am tired of spending my choices on myself.
I will let my privilege and my power
Speak for good.
Aligned with the purposes of the Almighty,
My strength roars.

I am a Dangerous Woman
I am part of a vast network
I recognize how we are all connected.
My choices affect a world of people, plants and animals.
What a big responsibility, you may say.
But O, What a great adventure!

I am Dangerous Woman
I refuse to do nothing.
I choose to listen to the gladness of my soul
And the hungers in our world.
And where these meet,
I will plant a garden.

I am a Dangerous Woman
I refuse to let shame hide me.
I refuse to let old boundaries hold me back.
I refuse to let what’s-always-been-done create the future.
I refuse to be silent about the things that matter.
I refuse to be afraid.

You may ask: Who do you think you are?
So I will tell you: 

I am a Dangerous Woman,
Loved by God, empowered by God.

I am a Dangerous Woman,
Devoted to a Dangerous God.

I am a Dangerous Woman
And I will beat my drum, as we dance into the Land of Freedom and Promise together.


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