Creation Story Genesis Bible Calligraphy Art Print


This art print, available in 8×10 or 11×14, is a lively reminder of the original source of creativity and our responsibility for creation care and enjoyment of nature. Great for children, artists, the young at heart, and nature lovers. A great addition to brighten any room, especially for the nursery, children’s bedroom, playrooms, or artist’s studios or offices. Ten per cent of all proceeds goes to support the work of organizations who fight human trafficking.

One of my favourite stories of all time is the Creation story as told in the first chapter of Genesis in the Old Testament.

  • I love how the earth and all that is in it is created from a black mess of nothing into vibrant life. (This gives me hope in the darkest, messiest, most frustrating parts of my life can actually be changed.)
  • I love how creation is sparked by speaking words, calling forth a new being. (This reminds me of my passion for words, and using their power to bring healing, where they may have brought harm in the past.)
  • And I love how even in such Creativity, there is an order and structure so that the eventual Life that is created can actually be sustained by the created ecosystem. (This challenges me to embrace structure as a necessary part of the creative process to result in fruitfulness.)





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