Birth of Vancouver’s First Social Calligraphy Collective

It only takes a spark…that spark was my friend’s recent Instagram photo of Uppercase Magazine’s cover feature issue on calligraphy. Because sharing my passion for calligraphy is like eating candy to me, I offered to teach her. Another friend chimed into the thread, wanting in on it. By the time we moved it over to email, our fire was stoked. (Side story, we almost all ended up at Granville Island’s Paper Ya and Opus Art on Sunday…instead we ran into each other online! When it’s meant to be, nothing gets in the way!)

A divine convergence emerged as we fired emails back and forth late into the night:

  • We all have childhood stories of our hearts ignited for calligraphy.
  • We all believe in the power of beautiful words to build rather than destroy.
  • We all are experiencing a reawakening to engage our creative muscles, not only for our own expression, but also for the greater good.
  • We all have a heart for social justice and communicating with purpose.

Jazzed from the creative synergy of a “craft jam” I hosted the night before, and inspired by my recent branding conversations with another friend to build a business that fights for social justice, the idea for a “social calligraphy collective” was born.


The vision is to carve a collective space for creative community to gather, learn and grow our skills, and dream up ways to use art to encourage and inspire change. The busyness of life can squeeze out the important-but-not-urgent things, like creativity, relationships, and generosity. Hopefully this collective will help make room.

Come to the next workshop to:

  • Dream of how we can use words to spark transformation
  • Learn a basic design process to draw your concept from start to finish
  • Experiment with a few calligraphy tools to ink your design
  • Socialize and ignite your creative energy while giving to a great cause

Sign up. Spread the word. Let’s create a bonfire.

Find out more and register at