You love serving others, but your heart is running on empty.

You’re overwhelmed with the revolving door of your responsibilities and people’s needs. Your soul aches at the pain you see in the world around you.

Your life on autopilot leaves you little time left for yourself when you’re busy making a difference in the world and taking care of everyone else. Binging on Netflix or social media is all you can muster with the little energy you have left. Doing something relaxing or creative is a distant memory.

Is your tired heart resonating with this? You’re not alone. I struggle with this every day too.

I’m Justine, a Social Impact Calligrapher and Coach. I help compassionate women to serve their world from a full heart.

I empower heart-led ladies to infuse self-care into their daily lives with simple creative tools. I guide you to connect with your heart and get clear on your intentions, values, and purpose so you can focus your limited time and energy on what’s most important.

I gather like-hearted people to build meaningful connections, and to spark inspiration, encouragement, and collaboration.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel like there’s never enough of yourself to go around, not enough time or energy to do all the good you want to do. I know how trying to do all the things that tug at your heart can lead to an unsustainable life.

For 30 years, my life motto was, “Make the most of every opportunity! Maximize your impact!” While it led me to a fruitful life of no regrets, it also put me on the road to burnout.

Driven by a fear of missing out, an insecurity to prove my worth by being highly productive, and people pleasing, I crashed and burned at 33.

The painful process of rediscovering myself taught me how much I needed to intentionally make time for myself, discern and pursue what my heart was really called to be, and cultivate real connections.

That’s when the calligraphy I first discovered at the age of 8 came back as a restorative force in my life. I experienced the therapeutic and meditative nature of hand lettering. As I practiced calligraphy, I wrote healing words into my heart. As I journalled, I let the words flow from my soul onto the page.

Post-burnout, I now aim to serve from a different centre, from a heart that is full, one that doesn’t need to be needed by others or prove itself to anyone.

Today I am passionate about helping women experience the shift to serve from a heart fully connected and alive. I believe that lasting transformation comes from the inside out and fruitful service starts with the heart.

My calligra-heart workshops, workbooks, and journals create space for you to experience the peace and “flow” in calligraphy, through creating meaningful connections with your own heart and with your impact in the world. I bring with me 20 years of experience facilitating workshops, creating curriculum, and coaching non-profit leaders in spiritual growth and community development.

It’s time to get connected with your heart, and get the clarity and confidence to say yes to the right things, so you can impact the world in the ways that only you can.

When I’m not busy writing to encourage people’s hearts, you can find me:

  • deep in conversation with friends while hosting a dinner party;
  • staying up late into night surfing the latest wave of ideas washing over me that won’t let me sleep (If you need an emergency prayer or listening ear at 2am, I’m your gal);
  • resisting my favourite gourmet donut or ice cream shops (recovering sugarholic, forever);
  • trying to hack what’s going on in my heart and mind by using brain psychology trivia… I’m a “why” person obsessed with why humans act as we do;
  • doing calligraphy with women in recovery and income assisted seniors… I love hearing their courageous stories and seeing their confidence increase as they see their own improvement in a short time.

Ready for some creativity and meaningful connections with your heart? Sign up for the latest news here to receive the latest heart prompts, downloadable prints, and workshop and product offerings.

I love meeting like-minded creatives and change makers, so hit me up if you’ve got some ideas or want to explore custom collaborations.

(That’s the short story. You can listen to a podcast where I tell the full story here.)




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