PaperGirl Leads a Cycle of the Art of Giving Art

it-just-flows-papergirl-vancouver-2015Art. Community. Generosity. My heart sings whenever I get to participate in an event that shares my core values.

A global movement of encouraging “the art of giving art,” artists of all levels and all ages are invited to donate their artwork to their local Papergirl or mail it to a Papergirl in another city in this beautiful world. Each city then holds the unjuried art show. After the show, a brigade of volunteer cyclists ride into the city and give the rolled up artwork as a gift to unsuspecting people.

What’s not to love? Random acts of kindness, generosity, creativity, community all bring life to your heart, city and world.

Bonus: clear old art prints or progress-practice pieces, and discover new artists to follow! Plus, I got my daily lettering fix doodling up one of the blank canvases at the art station. Great addition this year.

Thanks to all the volunteers and staff at Yaletown Roundhouse Community who keep making Papergirl Vancouver a success year after year.

Visit Papergirl World to find the world of cities waiting for your art to be given with heart!

Be inspired by this beautiful video:


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