Dangerous Women Are Freedom Fighters

dangerous-women-leadersDARE TO BE DANGEROUS WOMEN: When Idelette McVicker, the Founding Editor of SheLoves Magazine asked me to do the chalkboard art and donate a silent auction item for the first face to face gathering of SheLovelies, I couldn’t resist the invitation to join this amazing community of sisterhood I had glimpsed online, now gathering in the flesh.

The evening was stunning — gorgeous in looks with beautiful event design by Holly Bovet and her bestie Shaley. But more important, her heart was beautiful. Idelette shared her Triple Dog Dare — the figurative Mount Kilimanjaro she would climb in the next 90 days. She dared us to join her to complete our own dangerous dare with the goal of raising #dangerousdollars and awareness for freedom for women.


Half of proceeds went to Beginning of Life: a small Moldovan organization with the very big heart, working to change the statistic that Moldova being the country with the highest rate of human trafficking in the world. They live humbly, passionately, and dream big for more women to know freedom. The other half went to support SheLoves, to create new and fresh ways to mobilize and empower more women, locally, and around the world.

Idelette’s “I Am Dangerous” poem inspired a new calligraphy piece, which I am donating proceeds to the continued efforts of these beautiful organizations. The Dare was also a perfect complement to the work I am already doing with using the Social Calligraphy Workshops to support organizations who fight human trafficking.

Buy a print, or come to our next workshop to support this great cause!


I believe the human heart leaps when we are given an opportunity to be involved with a purpose or vision greater than ourselves. The distractions, busyness or boredom of life are a continual threat to our hearts’ longing for purpose and belonging.

After a bout of health challenges that hijacked my energy, I’m grateful that my creativity is back in full force, just in time to participate in several serendipitous opportunities to participate in compassionate and generous initiatives.

This series of blog posts shares the good work many are doing.