Tragedy Triggers Prayers for Peace


“Only time Canada makes the headlines here (in the UK) is when there are insane killers on the loose.”

That was the first Facebook headline from a Canadian friend overseas I read today in reference to the shootings in Ottawa, my dear nation’s capitol. Ottawa holds a special place in my heart. I landed there when I first left the nest. It welcomed me to my first grown up, non fast food job – and it was on Parliament Hill.

Times of tragedy and loss draw our common humanity to unite. Senseless acts of violence shake and humble us, reminding us we are still never ultimately in control of the precious gift of life, no matter how far we have “progressed.”

When there is a tragedy, the hashtag #prayer suddenly trends online, irregardless of people’s spiritual background. There’s something about prayer that works good in us and through us, bringing light and peace to counter the darkness within and out.


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