Reflections on Life Stories and Storytelling from Istoria Conference


Inspiration and creativity burst onto my sketchbook pages at the Istoria Conference hosted by Coastal Church last year. How could I not be sparked by the mastery of storytellers Jim Krueger, comic writer/novelist/filmmaker, and Gordon Pennington, seasoned consultant to corporations/institutions/governments who has a sober understanding of the media/entertainment/technology world we live in. Read some of his cultural insights here.

Far from a pragmatic “three point outline” approach, they delivered a mountain of nuggets of wisdom through storytelling. This was my attempt to review and retain what resonated with me.

Despite the spheres of privilege and success he has undoubtedly circled, I was especially struck by Pennington’s humility and grace – and not just in his speaking. As Pennington sat in the audience in the pew behind me to listen to Krueger speak, he saw a glimpse of my sketching. I was humbled he asked for a closer look, offering kind words of encouragement. Later as I struggled to put my arm through my coat sleeve, he graciously assisted.

I hope they offer the conference again as it was an amazing resource and encouragement.


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